Want a Map?

Get noticed and get on the map! We're currently working on updates to have a shiny new version for 2018!

Rates and sizes are reflected in membership levels AZALEA, IRIS & ROSE. Largest ads are $650 and include AZALEA level membership. Let us know if you'd like more information!



  • 1 Year Membership

  • Booth placement at Making Merry Festival

  • Business information on the district website

  • Monthly email correspondence

  • Invite to business to business networking events

  • Opportunity to host B2B networking events

  • Marker and listing on the map (when available)

  • Membership Dues: $150

IRIS: Azalea Plus:

  • Access to social media outlets and promotion

  • One business spotlight in area correspondence

  • Priority booth placement for 10'x10' space at Making Merry Festival

  • Business featured on website with business link

  • Ad on Berry Hill map, 3" wide x 1.58" tall (when available)

  • Membership Dues: $350

ROSE: Iris Plus:

  • Monthly Facebook, Twitter & other social media outlets feeds

  • Pinterest board on Berry Hill District dedicated to your business

  • Banner listing on appropriate listing page of website

  • Logo on printed / online promo pieces for Making Merry

  • Access to Board-approved media/marketing person

  • Ad on Berry Hill map, 2.625" wide x 2.58" tall (when available)

  • Membership Dues: $545

Interested in being on the map?

We're adding businesses NOW so let us know if you'd like a spot!